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Sue FirkserArtist's Statement:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments it takes our breath away."

My path in art started with a passion for watercolour painting, which eventually led me to work in fluid acrylics and other varied mediums in which I have had great success and have enjoyed immensly.

During a trip to Nelson B.C. I discovered felting. This beautiful, colourful medium attracted me instantly and after buying a book and trying out a few projects I was hooked! I have explored and created funky clothing and accessories, 3d objects and many other fun things. But to me the thing that takes my breath away is the results I can achieve by creating 2 dimensional felted "paintings". In most of my work I like to use strong , intense colours and the wool roving has allowed me to continue with that tradition. I began to look back at photos of my previous work in watercolour and acrylics and using these as inspiration have begun to recreate felted pieces.

Felt works a lot like watercolour as the colour tends to change and the fibers move during the felting process so you are never quite sure that you are going to get in the end. Using the same principles of design and composition, trying to create an illusion of form and perspective is certainly challenging to achieve in wool! I use colour (wool roving) and line (silk) to lead the viewer through my artwork and although the pieces have a fragile appearance, they are in fact quite strong due to the blending of the fibers during the felting process. (Wool is one of the oldest and strongest fibers known to man)

Using various natural fibers such as silk chiffon, bamboo, merino and corridale wool tops, sari silk threads and anything else that will felt I can create textures and colour juxtapositions that are surprising and exciting. I hope that my work gives you great pleasure and might even take your breath away for a moment!
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