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Art in the School

Attention Teachers: Bring the magic of wool felting to your classroom!

I am a fibre artist living in the Hamilton area and I love felting! I would like to share my passion with your class.

I require about 80 minutes of your day (flexible), and I'll bring all materials and supplies for your chosen project.

The cost is $8.00 per student for a single class, 2 classrooms = $7.00, 3 classrooms = $6.00 per student.

In my presentation we cover these curriculum links:
History of felt: It dates back to 600 B.C Wow!
Geography: Asia and Europe, the origins of felt.
Science: Why wool felts.
And, of course, Art.

Choose from these projects

Painting on felt
Painting in Felt (all grades)
Turkish Carpets
Turkish Carpets (all grades communal)
Lion Mask
Animal Masks (Grade 3 and up)
Sushi beads and jewellery
Sushi beads and jewellery (Grade 3 and up)
3D Vessels
3D Vessels (Grade 4 and up)

You can reach me at:
email- upstart_407@hotmail.com
Phone- 905 869-1021

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